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Welcome to VinZero’s Think Future Podcast Series. Each week we’re speaking with innovative leaders across AEC and Manufacturing, and engaging with thought leaders for sustainable building, and manufacturing practices, to uncover game changers for the future built environment. We’re passionate about helping our listeners keep pace with digital change, across Construction and , so they can achieve their own technological, sustainability and leadership goals.

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5 days ago

Dr. Kimberly Camrass is the Director for the Climate Futures department for the Queensland Government. Kimberly is a passionate sustainability professional, and joins Think.Future to share the highlights of her award-winning essay Regenerative Futures: 8 Principles for Thinking and Practice as applied to precinct scale in an urban environment. Join the conversation as we explore the importance of moving beyond mitigating further harm to the planet, challenging designers to push the opportunity envelope in the design of precincts resulting in both positive environmental and social impacts. To design according to these principles requires a powerful shift in thinking and practice and above all depends on integrating community vision through the art of storytelling, connecting people to place, to nature and to each other.

EP52 Villages for the Future

Tuesday Nov 21, 2023

Tuesday Nov 21, 2023

Dean D’Cruz, Partner and Principal Architect in MOZAIC conducts workshops and seminars globally focused on sustainable architecture practices. At the core, Dean believes architects can be the change agents for a better Built Environment and he joins the conversation to share how low-cost solutions for sustainable housing are being inspired by regional and cultural influences from the rural villages in India. Requiring less investment in infrastructure and providing a higher standard of 'liveability’, the rural villages of India are demonstrating the benefits of decentralization and potentially shaping the way for the villages of the future. 

Tuesday Nov 07, 2023

Brad Searle is the Head of Development at BINGO Industries. Brad joins the VinZero Think.Future podcast to share the innovative and impressive progress BINGO Industries is making in supporting the circularity and decarbonisation agenda for the Built Environment. BINGO Industries is focused on transforming the recycling and waste industry, particularly in innovating to increase recycling rates and the diversion of valuable waste materials from landfill and maximising the circular value of recovered products. Through strategic partnerships, Brad aspires to develop a circular economy model for reuse, repair, remanufacture, and repurposing, in return for significant environmental and economic benefits. BINGO Industries has an inspiring vision of a waste free Australia, underpinned by their ‘never say never’ mindset.

Tuesday Oct 31, 2023

Bob Willard, Founder and Chief Sustainability Champion of Sustainability Advantage, is a leading expert on quantifying the business value of sustainability strategies and a dedicated BCORP advocate, prioritizing both people and planet. In this interview, he delves into the crucial mindset necessary for effectively addressing sustainability within the construction and infrastructure sectors, particularly in project procurement practices. He emphasizes the possibility of integrating profit and purpose by illuminating the demand side of procurement and how this can drive essential changes. Bob addresses the hindrances affecting the global achievement of net-zero targets, the market dynamics propelling sustainability, and stresses the significance of government procurement processes in shaping the market, and the importance of the Science Based Target Initiatives in upholding global governance.

Wednesday Oct 25, 2023

Dr.Matthias Irger/Head of Sustainability/Cox Architecture; With a long-standing history serving sustainability outcomes Cox Architecture is seeking to maintain the livability of cities amidst rising temperatures and extreme weather. Join in the conversation as Dr Matthias Irger unpacks the factors that drive urban heat and create heat islands at a localized level. An experienced architect with a PhD is Sustainability Urbanism, Matthias is Head of Sustainability for Cox, overseeing its practices for sustainable design and planning. Through his role as Senior Research Fellow and Industry Adviser at the University of New South Wales in Australia, Matthias is actively engaged in bridging science and design practices. Join us as we explore how architects, urban designers and planners can mitigate urban heat and design for nature and comfort through connected design principals.

EP48 Nature’s Hidden Steel

Tuesday Oct 17, 2023

Tuesday Oct 17, 2023

Markus Roselieb/Architect and Principal, Chang Mai Life Architecture. Join in the conversation as award-winning architect and bamboo enthusiast, Markus Roselieb, delves into the incredible world of bamboo. As Principal at Chang Mai Life Architecture, a firm at the forefront of utilizing bamboo in groundbreaking architectural designs, Markus shares his passion for this remarkable material with a higher tensile strength than steel. Markus shares the story of their awe-inspiring Panyaden International School, where the natural curves and irregular structures, created from bamboo, enhance the environment and touch people's hearts. Listen as Markus highlights its beauty, strength, and importantly, its negative carbon footprint. As he eloquently puts it, bamboo is akin to a "steel cable" when harnessed effectively through sustainable harvesting and innovative design. Discover the potential of bamboo as a material that resonates with the human soul, embracing a brighter, more sustainable future.

EP47 The Art of the Possible

Tuesday Sep 19, 2023

Tuesday Sep 19, 2023

Hollie Hynes, General Manager of Sustainability and Environment and Georgina North, Head of Technology and Innovation at Laing O’Rourke join Vinzero Think.Future to share their expertise and insights into the art of what’s possible in leading innovation and excellence in construction and engineering. Join in to hear how value is unlocked within their business supply chain as Hollie and Georgina challenge stakeholders to push boundaries and open a portfolio of creative and innovative possibilities.

EP46 A Vision for Circularity

Tuesday Sep 12, 2023

Tuesday Sep 12, 2023

Catriona Brady is the Director of Strategy and Development at the World Green Building Council and manages global programmes for the World Green Building Council network, consisting of 77 national member councils who represent a combined network of 46,000 member organisations. Her areas of speciality in the green building field include circular economy, health, equity and resilience, and she oversees both the 'Circularity Accelerator' and 'Better Places for People' programmes at WorldGBC. Listen as Catriona shares her passion and vision for circularity and explains how the circular economy model is a powerful lever in the supply chain and is part of a broader whole systems approach to sustainable development in the built environment.

EP45 A Sustainable Transition

Tuesday Sep 05, 2023

Tuesday Sep 05, 2023

Georgette Godbolt- Head of Global Sales, Sustainable Fund Australia: Sustainable Fund Australia is a profit for purpose company helping Australian business fund sustainability initiatives utilizing their council rates as a payment gateway. In just a few short years they have funded the removal of over 630000 tonnes of carbon, and provided over $112,000,000 in efficiency savings. From tenant to property managers, landlords to portfolio owners, Sustainable Fund Australia are providing businesses support to transition towards net zero sustainably, both for the environment and for their business. Listen as Georgette Godbolt shares their story of success across the Australian Built Environment landscape.

EP 44 Designing for Net Zero

Tuesday Aug 29, 2023

Tuesday Aug 29, 2023

Ashish Rakheja - Managing Partner - AEON Consultants. The population across India is growing at a rapid pace, and with this comes an appreciation for the shortage of precious resources. Ashish Rakheja, Managing Partner for AEON Consultants joins the Think.Future podcast to share how this shortage in resources is driving a green building movement equivalent to 10 billion square feet for the India Built Environment. This appetite for energy and water conservation is driving adoption of both sustainable and responsible building practices and Ashish is passionate about leading the charge.

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