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Welcome to ARKANCE’s Think Future Podcast Series. Each week we’re speaking with innovative leaders across AEC and Manufacturing, and engaging with thought leaders for sustainable building, and manufacturing practices, to uncover game changers for the future built environment. We’re passionate about helping our listeners keep pace with digital change, across Construction and , so they can achieve their own technological, sustainability and leadership goals.

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2 days ago

Pejman Sharafi,  an Associate Professor in advanced building technologies at Western Sydney University,  heads Modular Prefab Design Lab, where his team develop innovative solutions mainly in partnership with the industry, focusing on off-site manufacturing technologies, platform-based design, industrialised construction solutions, design for manufacture, assembly and dis-assembly, adaptable building design, circular design strategies, and prefabrication technologies. He joins the Think.Future podcast to share what is happening with innovation in prefabrication and explains why the circularity impacts of Net Zero Building platforms go beyond environmental benefits,  offering significant economic potentials and advantages in the market.

Tuesday Jun 11, 2024

Jim Goddin of thinkstep ANZ is an expert in Materials, Minerals and Mining and as a member of the Critical Minerals Expert Committee, he has been actively involved in shaping the UK's Critical Minerals Strategy. Jim joins the Think.Future podcast to talk about the new International Standard for measuring success in a Circular Economy and introduces the Materials Circularity Indicator which he played a pivotal role in developing.

Tuesday Jun 04, 2024

Dr Florian Graichen is a General Manager at Scion, New Zealand’s leading research institute for forestry, industrial biotech, and advanced manufacturing and an Honorary Professor at the University of Waikato in the School of Engineering. Florian’s bioproducts and biomanufacturing impact area includes portfolios covering high value biorefineries, distributed and circular manufacturing, bioproducts and packaging and integrated bioenergy. Join in the conversation on Wednesday 5 June as we discuss solutions, opportunities, and potentials at the intersection of policy, traditional knowledge, western global science, and innovative design.

Tuesday May 07, 2024

Max Strandwitz, CEO of MIPS Protection shares the vision for sustainability and core values of his team, a leader in the field of brain protection systems within helmet-based safety manufacturing for over 25 years. The mission at MIPS is to reduce head injuries, save more lives, protecting people and the environment.  Max became CEO in 2019 bringing a long career in finance from the fast-moving consumer goods sector and now leads the sustainable design and manufacture of a range of products that are sustainable, enduring and fit for purpose. MIPS have stepped up on their sustainability commitments to protect people and the environment. Join here to hear why MIPS care, dare, and want to share their efforts centred around their employees, products, and their supply chain.

Wednesday May 01, 2024

Sonali Rastogi, Founding Partner of Morphogenesis together with Founding Partner Manit have created one of the most successful architectural design companies in the world. She joins the Think.Future podcast to share her wisdom and vision for a sustainable India. Sonali has a unique perspective on sustainable architecture, and soulfully blends tradition, heritage, culture, and history, offering a bespoke and heartwarming quality to the design world.

Tuesday Apr 23, 2024

Dr. Dennis D. Truax joins the Think.Future podcast to share his experiences with over four decades working in water management and a long tenure teaching Water Treatment Systems Design at Mississippi State University. He contributes to the global conversation on water circularity from an engineering perspective with personal hands-on experience in solving water supply and waste water challenges in some of the dryest places on earth.

Tuesday Apr 16, 2024

Thesla Collier, Design Technology Manager at HNTB joins the Think.Future podcast and shares her expertise in using technology to design for sustainable outcomes in buildings. Thesla is known as a ‘Cheerleader for Sustainability’ and works in the intersection between Sustainability and Design Technology across Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Infrastructure Design projects. Listen in to hear Thesla’s approach at the project design phase.

Tuesday Apr 09, 2024

Professor Aldo Ometto and Mr. Sergio Monforte join the Think.Future conversation to talk about a new International Standard for a circular economy driving innovative business opportunities as waste from one form of material is potentially a resource for another. In addition to the usual costs associated with production, they present the idea of generating economic, environmental, and social value from a new 21st-century strategic business model based on the principles of circularity and whole systems thinking.

Tuesday Apr 02, 2024

Valentina Petrone is WSPs Circular Economy Lead in Australia. Valentina has unique skills combining 16 years’ experience as a trained Architect focused on implementing sustainable and climate resilience practices in the built environment with in-depth knowledge of Circular Economy design principles. She has co-authored the Circular Design Guidelines for the NSW Government to facilitate the transition to a Circular Built Environment and is currently working on pioneering Circular Economy projects in the design and advisory space ranging from master planning & urban design, building design & materials selection through to Government strategies and roadmaps.  She joins the conversation to share the principles of circular design for the construction industry, infrastructure, mining to make sure circular design is embedded across all sectors in the Built Environment.

Tuesday Mar 05, 2024

James Slattery is a Construction and Demolition Debris Recovery Specialist at the San Francisco Department of the Environment. James joins the Think.Future podcast on 6 March to share his strategies on leading resource conservation, debris reduction,  material recovery and taking environmental action in solid waste management. He has worked for the Department of the Environment for the past 12 years and is proud to share his story about his contribution to San Franciscos’s journey to Zero Waste.

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